Pavers vs Concrete

Pavers vs Concrete Pavers vs Concrete

What are some of the benefits of choosing Brick Pavers over Stamped Concrete?

  • With Brick Pavers you CAN choose your color and know what the final product will be. With Stamped Concrete their are many things that could factor into your final results such as the powdered dye and the concrete not being thoroughly mixed together. It is also possible to get a bad batch of concrete which would result in discolored pavement.
  • With Brick Pavers you can always get a perfect match even many years later if you decide to add to your existing project. With Stamped Concrete matches are impossible.
  • With Brick Pavers if it is necessary you have a product that is repairable without noticing any repairs were made. With Stamped Concrete their ARE NO guarantees and once that cement cracks their are no repair methods.
  • With Brick Pavers when creating elevated patios you will have a beautiful border contrasting with a natural stone or block retaining wall. With Stamped Concrete you will have a cement face that is prepared to look like block.
  • With Brick Pavers you will have a product that is more durable and flexible than any other product because they are small individual pieces enabling them to be able to move with the climate unlike Stamped Concrete which is poured in big slabs which poses a problem when the frost gets underneath and shifts the concrete causing it to buckle and crack.

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Why do Brick Pavers settle or heave?
The Sub grade base underneath the Brick Pavers is the most crucial element to the longevity of our product. There are many proper depths required to be excavated and thoroughly compacted in order to assure a quality job that will be able to withstand cold winters or the weight of vehicles. 

Are Brick Pavers more costly then other products such as Stamped Concrete?
Most Consumers are quite surprised to find out that Brick Pavers are comparably close to the price of Stamped Concrete even though the appearance of the two products are undeniably different.

Just remember that your home is an investment, so whether you plan on only living there for a year or staying for a lifetime, why not feel confident that you have secured your investment with a product that has elegance along with longevity while adding value to your home.